up-lighting wedding nj

UpLighting NJ for Weddings & Beyond.

UpLighting is the best way to “light up” your special NJ Wedding! Premium Entertainment now supplies couples throughout Northern NJ with UpLighting for weddings! Partnered with our sister company, UpLighting NJ, Premium Entertainment offers a variety of lighting to fit all occasions. Whether you’re looking for subtle, first dance lighting for a wedding, or a nightclub inspired light show for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Premium Entertainment DJ’s and UpLighting NJ have the perfect options for you.

up-lighting wedding nj

Premium Entertainment has pioneered the exclusive Ambience Artist™ lighting technology. We were tired of seeing subpar Wedding UpLighting while the DJ for weddings and events, so we set out to find the best international lighting specialists to bring a new luminous energy to NJ Weddings, sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events! Our lights are the brightest and most beautiful in New Jersey, and with the help of our lighting designers, we have the ability to truly enhance your reception or event space.

Our fixtures are also amazing. Not all wedding lighting is created equal. Some uplighting companies will use cheap fixtures that use a conventional halogen bulb (that you would typical find in home recessed lighting) and a color gel. This is the old way of doing things. The problem with doing it this way is that the lighting gets super hot (ever try to change a light after it’s been on for a while?) so the temperature in your room warms up with 20-30 lights inside of it. Not to mention, if a child touches it, they’ll risk being burned. Also, your colors will be limited to very bland gel colors. So this may have you asking yourself:

What is the best uplighting for a wedding?

Glad you asked! We use incredible “LED” fixtures (meaning they are cool to the touch and never get hot!). Also, they are completely battery powered and wireless so you never have to worry about ugly wires going around your beautiful banquet room. Because they are LED, your color choice is limited only to your imagination. We will match your wedding’s color scheme perfectly with literally millions of colors to choose from in every shade imaginable.

Choose from Dancing Under the Stars, Nightclub Inspired Light Shows, Understated Color Shifting Light Arrangements, and so much more! Our wide variety of lighting options will make your NJ, CT, NY, DE and PA wedding, sweet sixteen, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate event or anniversary party sure to be the talk of town! Call us at (973) 200-2800 to schedule a meeting with one of our lighting specialists!

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up-lighting wedding nj