A Sweet 16 party is one of those rites of passages that many teenage girls look forward to their whole life. However, putting together the perfect party requires more than just throwing a lot of money at the event a la MTV’s Sweet 16 show. However, with proper planning and a clear vision, planning a Sweet 16 can be a less stressful and even headache-free process.

  1. Do Your Research: Even before setting a budget, it’s good to know what you’re getting into and what your child expects from their party. Talk to them and get on the same page early on—make sure you both understand your expectations and limitations.
  2. Set a (Realistic) Budget: A Sweet 16 can often seem like a non-stop parade of unexpected costs and new demands. However, by following step 1, you hopefully have a clear idea of what to expect. Thus, you can make a practical budget that will allow for some room for unforeseen costs while not breaking the bank.
  3. Decide on a Theme: No Sweet 16 is complete without a unifying theme so figuring out your early on will help you to plan accordingly.
  4. Find the Right Venue: Whether you want to keep it small and intimate, or have a massive blowout, do your research and see what venues have gotten great reviews for past Sweet 16 parties. Nanina’s In The Park and The Park Savoy are ideal venues to add class to the party, while being flexible enough to perfectly accommodate both large and small parties.
  5. Send Out the Invites: Whether you decide to go digital or with traditional paper invitations, this is the first impression you make on your guests that your Sweet 16 is going to be one no one wants to miss. So have fun with your theme and put together an invitation that is as stylish as it is clever.
  6. Pick Your DJ: As we know better than most, having a bad, or even worse, a mediocre DJ can put a major damper on an event. Thus, when searching for and interviewing potential DJ’s, make sure they understand your vision for the party and have gotten great recommendations in the past. On top of that, if they are able to bring extra’s, like a photo booth, this will make your event all the more memorable.
  7. Have Fun!This is your big night. Things might come out, but what’s most important to remember is that people who care about you have come out to celebrate your big day, so make sure both they and you have a wonderful time.