Fact: You can never go wrong playing some choice Michael Jackson or Prince. With the Purple One recently releasing not one, but two new albums, people seem to be especially in the mood for some Prince these days. And fortunately for your celebration, Prince recorded more than just a few party-ready cuts. After all, you could make a list of just the best tracks from Purple Rain and still have enough music to keep people moving and singing for an extended period. So without further ado, here are the funkiest, poppiest, and downright most fun Prince songs to request from your DJ while holding your event in the sophisticated and cool ballrooms at Nanina’s in the Park and The Park Savoy.


“Let’s Go Crazy”

Looking for a song to really kick your party into gear? When it comes to Prince, this is often your best bet with its frantic double-time tempo and commands to just go crazy on the dance floor. Based around an upbeat drum beat and a brassy synth line that just don’t seem to quit, it was like Prince set out to the make the 80s version of The Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” but with more non-stop energy and no mid-song breakdown, making this an ideal number to get things going.


“I Want To Be Your Lover”

While not as immediately recognizable as some of his prime era 80s cuts, from the opening funky guitar chords to Prince’s unforgettable falsetto, this is a vintage disco number that mixes perfectly into newer tracks like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and is ideal for getting younger and older dance music fans on the floor in no time. Songs just don’t get more feel-good than this one, not to mention it’s always a blast to see your middle-aged uncle trying to keep up with Prince’s high notes on the chorus.


“I Would Die For You”

We weren’t kidding about the number of gems that are on Purple Rain alone and this dramatic, start-and-stop, fast-and-slow love song never fails to inspire some of the more creative dance moves during an evening. With a song as frenetic and harmonious as this one, you’ll feel like you’re dancing in space, especially if you have a partner to share your moves with.


“Raspberry Beret”

One of the more unusual, but undeniably brilliant Prince songs to ever grace a PA, this is upbeat psychedelic pop that somehow also always manages to bring a party together. Whether it’s the easy breezy flower child vibe or the sing-along chorus that everyone and their mother knows the lines to, this is a perfect choice for the Prince fan who likes her or his funk just more than a little poppy.



While there are at least fifteen other songs that could easily go here, “1999” remains an absolute classic sing-along number. Whether you are old enough to remember this song when it first came out or when it was played at every New Year’s party in, well, 1999, this song remains timeless even if its title is a bit out of date. After all, who doesn’t want to party like it’s 1999?


“Purple Rain”

If we were to make a list of “Songs to End the Night To,” this is one that would undoubtedly be right near the top. Whenever this song comes on near the end of a party, the room invariably starts to channel a “We Are The World” vibe with partygoers putting their arms around one another and swaying back and forth while singing every single line.