Creating the Perfect Wedding Playlist

Creating a Wedding playlist is arguably the most difficult decision when planning your Wedding. You want to keep people on the dance floor all night but mix in a good few slow songs for the lovey-dovey few too. It’s a difficult balance to crack, but we’ve got you covered!

Make sure you decide first when your speeches and special dances, and even cake cutting fit in! Create those timings with your venues and get your perfect songs ready for these. This is a great one to decide, you can be totally selfish and pick the songs you love!

When it comes to the evening playlist, make sure you have something in there for everyone. Start with your favourite old classics and move into something more modern as you go along. Add in some of the favourite kid’s songs too for earlier on in the evening, it’s the perfect way to get the dance-floor full right from the beginning!

What Type of Music Do You ant at Your Wedding?

An easy way to plan is to have an idea of what sort of music you want playing during each part of your Wedding.

  • A getting ready playlist, which is super-important for both the Bride and Groom!
  • A pre-ceremony playlist is an ideal way to lead your guests into your venue, and get them even more excited about the day’s events.
  • A dinner playlist will work throughout your Wedding Breakfast and have the perfect atmosphere for your speeches.
  • A party playlist will give the DJ all he needs to get everyone on the dance floor and start your married life with the party it deserves.

It’s maybe a good idea to start each of these playlists with your music collection. Obviously having music in there that’s special to you two is super important, as important as having music for everyone to dance to. So make sure this is the case, get your iPods’ together and get creating! It’s a fun task to do together too, grab a glass of wine and plug your music into a speaker – what a perfect evening.

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