A good pop song is like the meat and potatoes of any great party. It’s a song that everyone, whether they love it or hate it, likely knows all of the lyrics to and can and most often will rapturously sing along to when the DJ drops it at the perfect moment. And these days, pop songs come in all shapes and sizes, where rap sing-along groups and internet stars like Rae Sremmurd and rock belters like Hozier sit comfortably in a playlist next to pop perennials Taylor Swift and Rihanna.


So to help you better navigate the increasingly varied and fast-paced world of pop music for when you have your next party at such classic venues as Nanina’s In the Park and the Park Savoy.


Rae Sremmurd – “No Type”

After dominating the summer with their anthem “No Flex Zone,” this young duo from Atlanta has shown no sign of letting up with their current club and radio smash that espouses the virtues of “bad bitches” everywhere. Singing and rapping over a lush MikeWiLLMadeIt beat—who took Miley Cyrus to the club with last year’s Bangerz—this is one of those songs that’s literally impossible not to sing along to and a surefire track to get your whole party on the dance floor.


Tinashe – “2 On”

While this track has been wreaking havoc for a while now, as the temperature has started to drop and people are spending more time on the dance floor than on the patio, this track has seemingly earned an extra life in the past few weeks as R&B’s new darling just dropped her debut full-length. Coyly crooning over a DJ Mustard ratchet-friendly beat, this song is the perfect marriage of masculine muscle and feminine sensuality, meaning that both the guys and girls will be doing their best to keep up with Tinashe’s smooth vocals and catchy-as-all-get out chorus.


Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

Though it’s seemingly been an open secret that Taylor Swift is actually better at writing straight-up pop songs over her more country-centric output, it’s clear that with her new album 1989, she’s got her eyes on the throne currently occupied by Katy Perry. And with the upbeat and downright fun “Shake It Off” things look quite promising for Ms. Swift as it’s one of those songs that’s almost impossible not to memorize from the first time you hear it and with its call-and-response bridge, will have your whole crowd singing along.


Megan Trainor – “All About That Bass”

Another track that’s been floating around for a hot minute, Megan Trainor took over the radio and the pop charts with this ode to ladies’ wide posteriors and it’s hard not to see why not. From her Adele-informed retro pop to her relentless championing of it being “all about that bass,” party-goers of both genders will undoubtedly start moving and singing to this massive ear worm. But let’s be real, this is a song especially for the ladies and be it a Sweet 16, a Bat Mitzvah, or a bachelorette party, you’ll have a room of happy ladies in no time!


Nicki Minaj – “Anaconda”

And wrapping up our list with another ode to the female posterior, Minaj struck pop music gold with this song, reversing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s original opus from men ogling women to women celebrating their own natural curves. And not only does this song have a surprisingly empowering angle to it, it’s also a message most men will happily agree with, making for a dance floor destroyer that party goers can’t seem to get enough of.