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Voted Best Mitzvah DJ in NJ

The hottest NJ Mitzvah DJs, incredible dancers, photo booth rentals, breathtaking lighting, special FX, interactive entertainment for cocktail hour, and room-transforming decor are just some of the elements that make up a Mega Mitzvah.™

The “Mega Mitzvah” is our EXCLUSIVE, award-winning and unique brand of entertainment that is unmatched and continues to remain the #1 choice for quality bar / bat mitzvah entertainment in NJ, NY, CT, and Long Island.

Our NJ Mitzvah DJ‘s & Mitzvah MCs can be “low-key” or we can be completely showstopping, interactive and exciting.

From the hottest mitzvah dancers and party motivators to nightclub-inspired light shows, video DJs, and photo booth rentals, our experienced team will help you put together the event of a lifetime.

There’s a reason that Premium Entertainment is recommended by over 50 NJ banquet halls and more than 20 of the Tri-State Area’s leading event planners.

Why NJ Mitzvah DJs?

Our experience spans over thousands of perfect bar and bat mitzvahs – all a little different, and all incredibly fun. We focus on what makes a great party: The entertainment. Our mitzvah MCs are highly talented and trained to excite your guests. Our mitzvah dancers are masters of energy, and our mitzvah DJs are there to keep you dancing. Our team is comprised of the most talented individuals in the entertainment industry and are ready to help you celebrate your day with style and excitement.

Mitzvah Dancers

Our dancers are trained to keep your guests moving and shaking all night long! Are you looking for the event of a lifetime? Choose Premium Entertainment. The creators of the MegaMitzvah.™

What makes a MegaMitzvah™?

A MegaMitzvah™ is our exclusive brand of entertainment that was designed after refining our “mitzvah show” to be a non-stop thrill ride of excitement. Want games? We play them. Want music? We play it. Want everyone to have the best time of their lives? Call us!

What formalities go into a Mitzvah?

First, we give you access to our online planning tools where [as a client] you’ll have access to plan your entire event from your living room – and in your pajamas if you’d like! Unsure as to the timeline of your day? Our event planners are there to help answer any questions and be there for you every step of the way.

With unparalleled experience, an exclusive entertainment package (The Mega Mitzvah), and our exciting entertainers, Premium Entertainment offers the ultimate choice in celebration innovation. You can customize your service for what best suites you, adding enhancements such as photo booth rentals and uplighting. we can totally transform your venue with interactive entertainment, personalized name monograms and the best of today’s music. You can even plan your event right from home! We offer exclusive content to clients via our online planning tools, to customize your event at your convenience.

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What makes a successful mitvah?

The second you sign on with Premium Entertainment, you’re given access to the “MegaMitzvah” celebration formula. You’re going to have a team that is best-in-class at what they do. We’ll help you every step along the way. As an entertainment company we can help you do some or all of the below traditions – that’s completely up to you and your personal tastes. Grand Entrance:
The party gets started with your grand entrance. This is where we “introduce” you into your party space while your friends and family receive you. Motzi:
After you’re introduced, we’ll typically sit everyone down so that your venue can take your dinner orders. This is a great time for the blessings. Toast:
After the blessings, this is a good time for toasts and a welcome from our hosts. Candle Lighting Ceremony:
The candle lighting ceremony is a very important and nice time to recognize all of the people along the way that has helped the bar / bat mitzvah become the person that they have become. Hora Dance:
The hora is a traditional dance for mitzvah celebrations. Circle up! You’re always given the option to be hoisted up in the chair or not. It’s up to your level of comfort of course! Games:
We can do a lot of games, or we can do a couple of games. It’s up to you. While the adults are eating their dinner, now is a great time to bring the music down and bring the young adults out on the dance floor to engage in some incredible, fresh, and fun “games.”