It’s that time of year again when for a month we all face an onslaught of holiday parties. From company parties to friends’ and families’ events, it can be easy to start suffering from party fatigue. Thus, song selection is a crucial part of any event if you want to get people really in the spirit without wearing them out with the same old tired song selection. And yet, the holidays are a time for classics, so it’s crucial to strike that balance between songs people will be wanting to hear and those less obvious selections that still manage to carry that special holiday vibe. Here are five tunes that are ideal for every party you might be going to at Nanina’s in the Park and The Park Savoy this season.


RUN-DMC – “Christmas in Hollis”

Like we said, it’s hard to ignore the classics and if you’re going to want to hear a Christmas-themed rap song, you can’t ever go wrong this jewel. Riding high on a monstrous and unforgettable horn sample and a massive beat, the boys recount a goofily endearing encounter with the guy with the white beard in Hollis, Queens, making this a New York essential and an all-around perfect holiday party jam.


Paul McCartney – “Wonderful Christmas Time”

If there was ever the holiday spirit contained in one song…well, there a lot of songs that have the genuine joys of the holiday seemingly bursting at every seam. And this is definitely one of the best as it creates a truly magical vibe that will fill the biggest Scrooge with the Christmas spirit, with its dreamy synths and McCartney’s earnest celebrating of the joys of the holidays. This song is pretty much what it says on the label.


Drake – “Started from the Bottom”

While perhaps not the most obvious holiday jam, this is one that never really seems to misfire during this time of year. Maybe it’s the snow-speckled piano loop or its perfect year-end refrain celebrating the hurdles we’ve all cleared over the past year, this is just one of those songs that seems to perfectly capture the vibe and message of the holiday season, without even really being about the holidays. And it’s utterly perfect for getting people moving.


Wham! – “Last Christmas”

It never hurts to have a little schmaltz around Christmas time and nothing quite says schmaltz like the 80s and George Michael. It basically is the perfect holiday trifecta: everyone knows and secretly loves it, it nails that synth-heavy 80s Christmas vibe, and it’s catchy as hell. Add in a perfect drum machine-assisted driving beat and you’ll have everyone getting down in no time.


Future – “Turn on the Lights”

While slow jams aren’t typically ideal for holiday parties—trust us, Sade and eggnog is the equivalent of party Nyquil—those songs that bring down the tempo, but amp up the booty-shaking bass are always perfect to get people in the mood for whatever. And Future still hasn’t quite topped this masterpiece, with its heavenly beat and auto-tuned assisted rap crooning, it’s most certainly a perfect end-of-the-night jam.