The Worst First Dance Songs

It’s a picture moment that every lady dreams of; those few precious minutes where you are enwrapped in the arms of the man you love, with your favorite song playing, and everyone that you love smiling at you. Yes, I’m talking about your first dance.

Although in past history, the first dance was a waltz, times have moved on, and some couples spend many hours practicing their first dance. There are occasions of couples taking lessons together – either to perfect their skills, or impress their guests with a specially choreographed number.

But dancing aside, before you even make it to the floor you have to make one very important decision: which song are you going to dance to? Many couples have a relationship song, or something that means something incredible to each other, but many others will choose a nice, classic standard that they can sway to.

Mistake. Even if there isn’t a song that you both immediately think of, there is a lot to be said for avoiding certain crooners, which just spew images of every other wedding that your guests have been to. At Premium Entertainment, we’re all about creating something truly unique, so here are five that I would definitely advise avoiding. I’m not saying these are bad songs – but unless this was already your song, please leave it alone!

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On, aka the Titanic song.

No. No, no, no. There is so much wrong with this song, but I’ll only point out one. This song doesn’t evoke images of you or your loved one, but a cruise ship sinking. Is that want you want everything thinking of, as you step into your husband’s arms? Didn’t think so.

Bryan Adams – Everything I Do.

…now, the lyrics to this song may be completely true. In fact, I would say if your partner couldn’t say this to you, you’re probably better off not getting married! But this sentiment should be displayed through your vows, not through your awkward shuffle to this song. Plus, it’s been done a countless number of times.

The Bangles – Eternal Flame.

Just, no.


Lionel Riche – Hello.

If there is one sure way of appearing desperate on your wedding day, then it is by playing this song. At any point. Throughout the entire day. So don’t even consider choosing this for your first dance; not unless you want your great-aunts talking about you behind your back.

Westlife – Flying Without Wings.

Usually, this song is an amazing song. What my friends and I would call a belter: a song that you can cry out with laughter in your eyes and your friends around you. But this is not a song that you would want at your first dance.

If you are serious about your wedding being elegant as well as fun, then talk to your entertainment provider or wedding DJ about what they would suggest for a first dance. After all: you can’t have that moment ever again.