Band or DJ? A common dilemma a lot of wedding planning couples face when it comes time to decide on their wedding entertainment is…Band or DJ? Choosing which one can be kind of tricky. You need to really think about the diversity of your crowd, you and your spouse’s own tastes and personalities, budget, as well as the venue you are choosing for your reception. Get the whole scoop after the jump…

Bands are a wonderful addition to any wedding reception. There is something about live music that will always get a crowd up and moving. They typically can play a wide variety of music, and if you get a really good lead performer, they can serve as your Master of Ceremonies and will interact with your crowd all night long. Bands generally tend to be more expensive than DJ’s (A great wedding band can cost upwards of $10-12,000). The most obvious reason for this is that you are paying more people for their time. You also want to check with the venue before you get your heart set on a large band because a lot of venues place restrictions on the number of instruments and performers that are allowed. Space is also a concern; do you want a band and all their equipment taking up half of your reception hall?

DJ’s generally are less expensive than a band, depending on the package you purchase. You have to be aware that when you chose a “DJ” you are going to be getting much more than someone showing up and pressing play on their laptops, which can be a concern to some couples. You are getting a full entertainment package. They have the ability to set the mood, create lighting displays that will add ambiance to your reception and they will also act as, or include a Master of Ceremonies to help facilitate your reception. DJ’s also typically have a wider range of music, and have the ability to be more flexible with the crowds likes and dislikes. Having a smaller wedding? A DJ has the ability to work their equipment more easily in tight spaces than a large band will.

Hopefully these little bits of information give you some guidance in your wedding entertainment decisions. Most important word of advice? Make sure you view demos from both! Doing an internet search for “Wedding Band” or “NJ DJ” and not actually previewing their work could really destroy your event. Make sure you like their presentation, read reviews, like the way they dress, their personalities, and most importantly their skill level! Don’t ever think you need to settle. There is a wedding band, or DJ that will fit your personality out there somewhere!