There are so many entertainment options available out there for weddings and it can get pretty overwhelming to pick one, especially if you’ve never had firsthand experience with them. Personally, I have had the most fun at weddings that had a photobooth. Now that we are living in a more digital, instant era, disposable cameras on every table are no longer a convenient (or fun, let’s be honest) way of letting your guests play photographer.

We have access to instantly take and view pictures on our PHONES…nobody really wants to have to wait to see how funny a picture came out! Photo-booths are definitely the new, cool, and incredibly entertaining way of letting your wedding guests create your memories. A lot of companies will even offer the guests novelty frames, funny accessories to wear, and unlimited prints!  It’s a terrific way to entertain your guests, create memories, and just give people a creative way to show off their silly sides! Before choosing a vendor (and of course, there are going to be hundreds) you must know what you need to ask them.

We will be providing a post in the near future with questions to ask your Photo Booth vendors. Stay tuned!