NJ Wedding DJ Anthony DeStefano

Hiring a Wedding DJ is like introducing 125 of your closest friends and family to your new friend and then making them hang out together for the next six hours. You should probably make sure they’d all get along first… Full article after the break!

Your DJ is going to do a lot more than just “play music” at your reception. They are going to be the event host, vendor coordinator, venue liaison, and much more. You need to be able to look your DJ in the eyes and have an honest conversation about whether they are going to be able to fulfill those roles.

Wait, That Sounds a Lot Like a Wedding Planner?

Good call! With so much “less than talented” competition, DJ’s today have been forced to evolve from just playing music to being full-service, “day of” wedding coordinators. There is still a very distinct different, however.

In a blog post by Millennium Productions, they write:

“Occasionally our clients have a Wedding planner, which is great. A wedding planner can greatly reduce the stress of organizing a Wedding. That said, you still should meet with your DJ. Yes, the Planner will be putting your timeline together and coordinating with the other vendors, but she will not be introducing people or making announcements. She isn’t the face, though she is very important. The best planners I work with always help me do my job better… they don’t tell me how to do my job.” (Source)

No two weddings are the same.

Everybody’s different! So are DJ personalities. That’s why there are over 5,500 DJ’s in the NJ, NY Area alone. There’s literally something for everybody. You need to make sure your DJ can accommodate your needs – both musically, and professionally.

Where will I meet my DJ?

Most professional and reputable entertainment companies will have an office of some sort. Whether it is an actual storefront, inside an office building, or even a home office. This is a sign of stability and longevity in the business.  Most DJ’s just starting out will offer to do “home appointments” which is completely cool if you’re OK with that.