Today, Contributor Cathy Z explores ways to save money on the Reception (aka your banquet hall!) Check out the tips after the break!

The Reception

Premium Entertainment recommends many beautiful wedding venues in NJ, NY, & CT. The time of day that you have your wedding and reception can impact your reception costs. Planning the wedding for early in the day can avoid large expenses. Buffets or hors d’oeuvres stations are much less expensive than served meals. If you can choose a winter wedding date, or have the wedding on a weeknight you will also find rates are considerably less expensive. Make sure your guest list is trimmed, review it with your family and your fiance’s family, do not invite people you have not seen for several years, keep it current and control the costs of the reception. Alcohol is another expense, and for some it is not a necessity. You can offer a cash bar, allowing those who want to drink to do so at their expense. You might also look at doing a signature cocktail, providing you with a fixed cost and still offering cocktails for your guests. Just remember you have options, and you can have a wonderful reception without a huge outflow of cash.