Looking to save some money on wedding favors and gifts? Look no further! Our contributor Cathy Z examines some ways you can save some cash!

Favors and Gifts

You do not have to provide wedding favors; however if you feel it is something you must do, then examine what can be done for low costs. Set up a candy bar for your guests. Go to a local discount store, purchase large bags of candy, buy inexpensive glass jars and fill them up, then all you need is little bags for your guests to scoop up the treats. You can make a donation to a local charity and simply place a written note to your guests telling them you made this donation on their behalf. You can bake cookies and cover them with plastic wrap, tie them with wedding colored string and put them on each table. Inexpensive thinking can still be filled with love and gratitude.

Planning your dream wedding on a budget does not scream sacrifice, it simply means you have to be resourceful and take the time to truly research and find those options that can bring dreams to reality.