How to Plan a Wedding

How to Plan a Wedding

So it’s finally time to plan your big day! Chances are by now you have already chosen your wedding date (and hopefully your spouse!). While those are seemingly obvious, you may be unsure as to how to create the ideal atmosphere for your dream wedding. Premium Entertainment’s very own Wedding Consultants would like to share with you these important steps to take to ensure that both you and your guests experience the wedding of a lifetime. More after the break!

Step 1: Guest List: What most people may not realize is that the most important first step in planning your dream wedding, is to figure out your guest list. By planning out whether you want a large wedding (200+ guests), medium sized (100-200 guests), or a smaller, intimate wedding (100 or less guests) you can help determine what size venue you should start with.

Step 2: Venue Location: This location will essentially be the framework for your wedding. After you know an estimate of how many people you will be inviting, you can begin selecting a venue. You don’t want to end up selecting a location with a dance floor the size of a bathroom if you are expecting 175 guests! You also do not want a venue that is too large for the amount of people you are expecting because it can make your wedding seem too open and empty. Depending on the exact venue, banquet halls and hotels are usually capable of handling larger sized receptions, and restaurant banquet rooms, and community hall rentals (VFWs, firehouses, etc) can be excellent options if you are planning a small, intimate reception. Again, the venue is going be the framework (not the final draft) in which you can create, and customize the atmosphere you want.

Step 3: Choosing Your Entertainment Package: Entertainment selections (DJs, MCs, Live Entertainment, Lighting Design, Photobooths, etc) are both dependent on the size of your guest list, and the venue you select. Remember, you want your wedding entertainment to balance out your wedding, not overpower your reception. So if you are having a reception with 40 guests, a huge entertainment package may seem both intrusive and over done. Entertainment Specialists like Premium Entertainment have the experience to know that your entertainment is not there to “steal the spotlight.” Figuring this out on your own can be tricky, so Premium Entertainment wedding consultants are specially trained to help you calculate the perfect entertainment package tailored to your specific needs.

Step 4: Lighting and other Add-Ons: Here at Premium Entertainment, we take pride in being able to bring our brides’ vision to life. Looking for a unique way for guests to have fun, while creating lasting memories? One of our Photo booths might be a perfect addition! Not only will your guests receive instant print outs of their photos to help them remember your special day, but all these memorable images will be provided to you and your spouse as well! Want to help create a romantic, elegant atmosphere? An uplighting package will help fill your room with subtle, beautiful lighting that can transform even an unexciting reception room into the perfect wedding environment. Looking to dazzle your guests and provide them with an innovative light show that will encourage hours of dancing? Ask your Premium Entertainment wedding consultant about our many intelligent lighting options that can be synchronized with each other,as well as to the beat of your favorite music!

Here at Premium Entertainment we work hard to make sure that all your wedding entertainment needs are met. By following this starter guideline, we hope to make this part of wedding planning that much easier! We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our entertainment options, and our wedding consultants will gladly provide you with venue,videography/photography, or catering recommendations should you need them!

Ready to book? Want to discuss specific plans or ideas you have? Schedule an appointment with one of our wedding consultants today!