first dance: the revenge

So you’re getting married? That’s great news! Now comes the time when you’re going to be forced with some pretty tough choices. What color napkins at the reception? What font to use for the invitations? Plus oh, I don’t know 2,000 other “life-changing” (or so they seem at the time) choices. One of these decisions that often stump most engaged couples is…what song to use for their first dance. If you are like some couples, you may already have an “our song” to use…but what if you don’t? How are you supposed to find 3-4 minutes of song that describes your deepest feelings and emotions? Click through to find out!

Don’t panic. Most of the brides that I have met in my lifetime have gone through the same ordeal. Day after day they sample song after song, while they made every attempt they could to prove to themselves that THIS was the song for them.

What I found was this: choosing your wedding song is a lot like choosing your spouse. It’s mostly chance. You can’t exactly walk into a bar, talk to 10 different guys, and pick one and say “yeah, I guess he’ll work”! The same reasoning applies to choosing the perfect song. I’ve had brides tell me they randomly heard a song at the mall and knew after one minute, that was the song they needed to have at their wedding.

My advice? If you are really struggling with finding the perfect first dance song, STOP LOOKING! For one week I challenge you to stop scrolling through your iPods, stop analyzing song lyrics, and just start to listen to what’s around you. Much like love, you might just find exactly what you’re looking for…when you least expect to find it.