When you get so many old friends and family members under one roof, throw in an open bar and loud music, proper etiquette can sometimes take a backseat to good cheer. It can be easy to go overboard at such a festive occasion, but you don’t want to hold a special place in family lore by succumbing to a regrettable wedding faux-pas! Nanina’s in the Park and Premium DJ have seen it all over the years, so make sure you learn from our experience and avoid these common wedding mishaps!

  1. Retire your smartphone

After all the hard work the bride and groom put in to put together the wedding of their dreams, throwing everything off with your ringtone would earn you some dirty looks. Additionally, mindlessly scrolling through social media when you should be watching events unfold is rude as well! If you must, bring your phone for photos and put it on silent and take in the day’s events through your own eyes, not through a phone screen.

  1. Prep that wedding speech!

If you’re going to be giving a speech at the reception, be sure to prepare beforehand. Going off the cuff may work for some people, but sticking to your script and screening your speech with friends beforehand is always a safe approach. You don’t want to break out a personal story unexpectedly and have an adverse reaction from the crowd. Err on the side of caution and run your speech by loved ones before taking the mic.

  1. Be cautious at the bar

It has to be said, but over imbibing at a wedding reception could get you into trouble quickly if you’re not careful. Pace yourself throughout the evening and know your limits to ensure that you will get through the evening without making a scene!

  1. Keep your conversations brief with the couple

Providing your heartfelt congratulations to the new couple is expected at any wedding, but a common faux pas is to try and monopolize their time to catch up. It’s understandable if you haven’t seen these two people in quite a while, but everyone else at the wedding is in the same boat! Keep your conversations limited to two to five minutes so that everyone can have time with the couple.

  1. Don’t take home souvenirs

While those dazzling napkin holders, floral arrangements and other decorative pieces may seem like they’re up for grabs at the end of the reception, you should proceed with caution. Some of these items may need to be returned to caterers or wedding planners, so make sure you inquire with the couple before taking home any souvenirs.   If you or a loved one is looking for a wedding or special event venue in the future, there are few places that offer a more stunning backdrop than Nanina’s in the Park. Nanina’s in the Park has consistently been named one of the best wedding venues in New Jersey and offers stunning amenities, professional staff and a fabulous location that can help you craft the wedding or special event of your dreams!