The Ultimate Photo Booth Rental

John Depriso (Of Deprisco Photo) has created something pretty awesome. He basically took an old Volkswagen Bus and converted it into an awesome photo booth rental. This creative mastermind took an old decrepit Volkswagen Bus, updated it, and added the technology needed to turn it into something pretty special.

Here’s a photo booth you can rent basically anywhere with an open parking spot. Guests see it and hop right in the bus. Their photos are taken and out pops their prints. It’s all pretty slick when you think about it. It’s really a new take on an old favorite. Your guests control the snapshots with a cable that triggers the camera to take the perfectly posed shot.

Checking out the site, you’ll see that one gentleman even used the bus to capture the perfect marriage proposal. Now THAT’S slick!

You can check out their Facebook Page or check out more photos from the original article below originally on I’m a little jealous; I’d love to have a photo party bus! Maybe next year!