So you’ve found the perfect DJ for your party. They have a great track record, you’ve seen and loved their sets, and they know how to get a party bumping.


However, that’s ultimately just half of the equation. At the end of the day, this is YOUR party and thus you want to hear the songs you and your friends get down to. But at the same time, the DJ will likely be coming with an arsenal–or a hard drive–of songs that they have tested and proven time and time again to get a party moving.


Thus, it’s crucial that before you even have your party, you have a powwow with your DJ and the both of you decide on a few essential elements about how the music will go down.


The first thing to consider is the vibe. Is this more of a mellow get-together? A full-on, turnt up rager? Or something in between? While it’s the DJ’s job to read a crowd, no DJ is a telepath and thus he or she needs to know what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. It never hurts to come armed with 10-20 songs that you absolutely must hear that night as our DJ’s will then be able to build a playlist that matches the mood and vibe of your pre-selected songs.


The second thing to establish is a line of communication. Not enjoying a song a DJ is playing? Before the party, set up a hand signal or some form of non-verbal communication to let the DJ know to go into another direction. After all, we’re here to make your party one to remember and thus it’s our mission to make sure that the song selection is as perfect as possible. Of course, there will always be one or two misses, but if you’re able to communicate to the DJ when she or he is going in a less than ideal direction, you can keep your party on track.


Finally, there are going to be points in the night when you’re going to want to hear a particular song, perhaps to celebrate the center of the party or to get the whole crowd on the dance floor. Thus, it’s essential that you let the DJ know in advance when and what to play when those perfect moments come. For example, feel like getting your whole party to do the Chicken Dance at 10 o’clock on the dot? Let your know DJ know that and thus you won’t have to worry about forgetting and rushing up to the DJ booth to ask for a song he or she might not have.


While ultimately it is the DJ’s job to make sure your party has the perfect soundtrack, they also need to hear from you about what exactly you expect from their selections. By working with your DJ to establish what kind of vibe you’re aiming for with your party, setting up a communication system, and identifying key moments when you want to hear a particular song, you will guarantee that your party’s music goes off without a hitch.


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