Skylands Manor in Ringwood is a top notch, incredible catering facility for your Wedding. Premium Entertainment is fortunate enough to perform there regularly and because of the amazing experiences we have there every time, we’ve chosen to make the gang over at Frungillo today’s featured wedding caterers in our Spotlight. Full review after the break!

From the moment you drive onto the grounds of the Skylands Manor you’re greeting with the warmth and beauty of their botanical gardens. If it hasn’t already crossed your mind – Yes, this is an awesome place to get married and will make for remarkable pictures.

The venue itself, is stunning. As their website puts it, “Skylands offers romance and glamour for weddigns that are reminiscent of those found in fairy tales.” This couldn’t be more accurate.

We can totally get carried away here with the grandeur of Skylands Manor, but aesthetics aside, let’s talk reception.

Linda and her staff are awesome. From showing you the grounds to wishing you well as you and your guests depart the facility, they will walk you through your wedding every step of the way.

Be sure to check out the photos below for some peeks inside Skylands from the last time we were there.

To view the grounds and Manor, give them a call at the number below. You’ll be thrilled that you did.

This NJ Wedding Banquet Hall is located at:
Skylands Manor
5 Morris Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456
Telephone: 973.962.9370